Quality is our Promise,
Innovation is our Passion.

Unlocking the Power of Cloud

We empower businesses with the cloud's full potential by building transformative cloud-native applications that are highly available, scalable and secure.
We also help organizations to seamlessly migrate existing on-prem solutions to cloud.

Turning Ideas into Reality

We're not just developers, we're Design Thinkers! We carefully craft the application you envision, ensuring it is functionally robust, performant and highly secure.
We excel at delivering the best user experience for your audience on every platform through state of the art web and mobile solutions.

Quality Built-In, Not Bolt-On

At YardstiQ, Quality isn't an afterthought, it's the Foundation! We believe in building the Quality into the system, not measuring it later when its already too late.
This approach enables us to deliver the new features at a sustainable rapid pace.

Excellence Expected, Quality Delivered!

At YardstiQ, Quality is our guiding principle from conception to delivery. We're obsessed with delivering exceptional products, both in terms of the features and the efficient automated engineering processes behind them. We believe true success lies in relentless pursuit of great customer experience at every step of the journey.

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Customer Delight

Our ultimate goal is to delight our customers through our products and services. We work tirelessly to understand their needs and deliver solutions that meet and exceed their expectations. From the initial design phase to the final product, we focus on delivering value to our customers at every step.


Innovation and Engineering Excellence

If Creativity is connecting the dots, Innovation is the dots we connect.

We believe that exceptional products are the result of creativity and innovation. We are passionate about exploring new ideas and finding innovative solutions to complex problems. Our expertise in engineering ensures that every product we deliver meets the highest standards of performance and security which often gets overlooked.

  • Innovation Leads The Way

  • Talented And Dynamic Team

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DevOps and Cloud Services

Our AWS experts are passionate about building transformative cloud-native applications.
We also seamlessly migrate existing on-premises solutions and optimize infrastructure empowering businesses with the cloud's full potential.

Application Development

We are creative thinkers who will help you build your dream application that meets the highest standards of quality.
We not only deliver on functional aspect but also ensure the performance and security exceeds industry standards.

Quality First Engineering

Our Test Engineering practices are the best in class and fully automated at every stage of the development process.
We pride ourselves to be the innovative bunch in Test Engineering who truly believe in building the Quality in rather than measuring or controlling it later.

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